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Well, the title says it all... I went back and based on the feedback from different people, I simplified many parts:

  • The levels no longer have support for multiple bins and multi-recycling. Instead, it is much simplified, starting with a single trash bin, then two, etc. The gameplay follows the mechanic to tap on trashes to make them disappear and recycle only the ones for the current bin.
  • The UI has less elements in the menus and game HUD.
  • You have only two monster cards per game session.
  • All levels play similar, while the difficulty level raises.
  • The monsters feed and achievements mechanics have been removed.
  • Removed the cakes collection to unlock the Bonus Level. You need to unlock monsters instead.
  • Changed the shop items, mostly everything that was in the shop is unlocked and available in the game now. There will be two extra items, which I will add later in the shop, but those will be optional and more of a fun boost for the final experience.
  • Tons of bug fixes and optimizations along the way (major bugs - jumping of trashes to a neighbor bin, waiting time before trash drops).

What is next for the game is integrating my own music. There are planned separate themes for each level and in-between menu scenes. Also there are planned two extra levels, which I will be working on as well ("Sunset Beach Level" and "Underwater"). I am also planning to add more monsters and trash items, but this will be an ongoing process through the whole development.

Get Trash Invasion (Garbage Recycling)

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