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Trash Invasion (Early access)

Catch trashes before they escape, kill monsters, upgrade your bins, complete all levels, beat your high-score. The game blends the learning how to sort trashes, together with engaging gameplay mechanics.


 - 5 Unique Levels

- Extra Bonus Level

- Collecting Monsters (monster boost cards mechanic)

- Collecting Food (monsters feed mechanic)

- Achievements

- Monster Gifts Lottery

- Recycling Tips

- Multi-language support (translations in progress)

Future Updates:

 - Game balancing

 - Last level completion

 - Music themes for each level

 - More food icons

 - More monsters

 - More trashes

 - More interesting recycling tips

 - Better graphics

  - Bug fixing

  - Extra Underwater Level

I am a one man indie developer, working on this project in my free time. So far I have made numerous iterations and changes to achieve this state of the game. Please leave comments and suggestions on how to improve the game, what you like, what you don't like, etc. Any help will be appreciated. 

To get the game, click on the "Download" button below or from the Google Play Store (you will be asked to participate in the open beta program).

You can write comments here on this page or directly send emails to differentwaygames@gmail.com.

Install instructions

This is an Android Game, please download or copy-paste the *.apk file to your Android device and install. Based on your Android settings, it might list the game as not trusted. If your device lists it as not trusted, please download the game from the Google Play store - link below. Enjoy.


Trash Invasion 29 MB

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Nice art!👍


Very good


Very  good. I  like   it.


The game is interesting and different than other trash sorting games. I liked the bonus level the most.


Hi rosyrose, thank you very much for your feedback. It seems to me that the bonus level is actually more fun than the rest. I am going to focus on bringing that more forward.